Chelmerland Limited was established in 1983 to provide applied research and communications engineering consultancy services. Some of our projects are listed below:

  • Measurement systems for radio and TV from VLF to satellite bands.
  • A 900/1800MHz antenna tuning unit design and pre-type approval radiation measurements for a GSM terminal.
  • A study into the feasibility of video over IP wireless links for a specialist application.
  • 900MHz GSM antenna design and evaluation
  • 2.4GHz antenna design
  • Integration of GSM modems within customers hand-held terminals
  • Preparation and submission for type approval of an 802.11 WLAN card
  • Design of RF modules for a specialised GSM test set
  • Design of a low frequency measurement receiver
  • ECM/ESM system & circuit design
  • Specialised microwave receiver design.
  • Chip and wire hybrid design and production assistance
  • LF/MF propagation research.
  • LF/MF antenna and measurement equipment research & design.
  • In building, propagation research.
  • UHF receiver development to production
  • Analogue signal processing systems and circuit design
  • Receive only satellite equipment (C, S and Ku bands).
  • Microwave television link, design & manufacture
  • PCN and DECT system design.
  • Project and sub-contractor management
  • Assistance to test and production departments

A recent design project.....

A sub-system for a cable TV meter

module 1 proto

A design from a few years ago.....

The board shown is a 2.4GHz WLAN, PCMCIA sized radio which was designed to operate with the customer's existing proprietary networking system. This was mainly an RF project but included an embedded processor for housekeeping and synthesiser control. This design was completed in 1996.

Radio PCB Front