We have made a significant investment in test equipment to allow us to carry out RF and general electronics research and design. Here are some of our test capabilities.....
  • Vector network analysis from 30kHz to 6GHz
  • Scalar network analysis from 5Hz to 18GHz
  • Spectrum analysis from sub-Hz to 22GHz
  • Accurate frequency measurement using GPS locked rubidium sources
  • Signal generation, both analogue and digital, from sub-Hz to 18GHz
  • Power measurement from µW to kW and DC to 18GHz
  • EMC pre-approval testing, antenna measurements and range testing on an open air site
In addition, we have all the usual electronic test gear including power supplies, oscilloscopes, signal generators, software tools, and optical aids. We also have a wide range of photographic equipment.

Lab reflected in DER

RF test equipment reflected in the envelope of a 1920s Marconi DER valve

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