Case Study....

Here is an example of the kind of project that we undertake. Horizon is a world leader in designing and manufacturing hand held test equipment for use in the Digital TV, Digital Satellite and Digital cable sector. We provided the design for a sub-system for one of their professional installer products.

The project.....

  • Discussions were held to determine requirements and to agree on a preliminary specification.
  • A feasibility study was carried out to examine areas of technical risk. This included breadboarding of critical circuitry.
  • A costed proposal was tabled which included budgetary pricing for the components to be used in production.
  • The complete sub-system design was carried out in close cooperation with the system architect.
  • Prototype PCBs were built and tested in isolation and then integrated with the breadboard for the complete equipment.
  • Modifications were implemented to achieve full integration of our design with the rest of the system
  • A design package was delivered which included sourcing information to allow procurement of critical parts. A full test report was supplied demonstrating conformance to the design specification.
  • Assistance was given to help the in-house designers to integrate the RF circuitry with the rest of the equipment. Careful attention was paid to ensure that the final equipment would meet its EMC requirements.
  • Liason continued to ensure a smooth transition to production.
  • More details on the Horizon HD-CM Plus cable media installation meter

Thanks to Horizon for their kind permission to publish this case study.

A rat's nest prototype of part of the circuit
A Prototype PCB used for system testing in the breadboard of the complete equipment.

Horizon HD-CM Plus

The finished product, the Horizon HD-CM Plus cable media installation meter